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Bob Ratnarajah Speaker | Advisor| Consultant

Dear Bella,
Congratulations at Many levels.
Firstly, congratulations for being able te express your self in a beautiful Medium
Also, being a shining light to million of other girls to show what is possible gains the freedom.
And of course sharing your outrage with what’s happening in Iran and Ukraine.
Thank you & Well Done!

Dr Shabnam Shayan | Principal Structural Engineer

Dear Bella, I’m so so proud to be your Friend. You’re a star. I hope we celebrate more successes together.


Koorosh Lohrasbi

Bella, Congratulations. the engine of life is immortality. we have always Wanted to outlive our biological Lives. what you gave life to, will outlive us and thats beautiful. Keep freezing time one canvas at a time.


Adrie Williams | People & Culture Consultant

Sweet Bella, Than you!! your beaty & energy is inspiring. Thank you for sharly this wonderful moment with us.

Ursula Chmiel | Accountant

 Congratulations Bella on a beautiful & inspiring art exhibition. Every piece was exquisitely executed and thoughtfully displayed. You are brave & push boundaries with the exhibition dedicated to
“Mahsa Armini” with the catch-cry Women, Life, Freedom.

The painting of Nika Shahkarami, the 16 year old Iranian teenager was a tribute to her activism. The Ukranian cafe piece
in Kharkiv is a generous act of support for the Ukranian cause.


Parisa Nejad | Children book illustrator

Dear Bella, I’m So proud of you.

I know how hard it is to create Life on a Canvas while doing daily life.

Mérie Botes

Dear Bella I’m so proud of you my friend and so inspired by your hardwork and ambition . Wishing you all the best.

Nahal Shooshtarian | UNSW Medical Science Student

Wow Bella !

I am. so amazed by the talent that you have, and I love the images that you portray and the messages that you illustrate through your beautiful artworks I can’t wait to see what else you produce. 

Sara Toloui | Pharmacy Assistant

Bella, you are an amazing artist and true inspiration, I am looking forward to hearing all you will achieve.

Thank you for Sharing your The talent


Vanessa Thank You for sharing your Beautiful gift with us and taking on a trip around the Would. Congratulations on this wonderful achievement. So glad i could be here to see it evolve.


We thought Bellas paintings were magnificent, with their meticulous photo-realism which also interpreted beautiful traditional scenes of cafes, canals & pubs. The bombed café which so clearly reflected a defiant Ukrainian flag was deeply moving. A brilliant exhibition!


Maria & Lenny

Dear Bella,

Thank you for your beautiful art. It moved us deeply Warmly.

Kusti Patterson

Dear Bella,
Your work is beautiful & inspiring. I thoroughly enjoyed your exhibition. To have the chance to speak to you and share a little about each other was privilege.
Many thanks,

Jeoff De baux

Dear Bella,

Thank you for this wonderful expression of talent in the evocation Place & emotion, colour & Light.



Such beautiful work Bella! Timeless beauty
♡  4/11/22

Brian Matthews

Beautiful work. Love the colour detail. Absolutely stunning Bella Amazing artwork! Incredible attention to detail !!!


Lee Matthews

I feel so blessed to know such talented Artist and strong woman like you. Hope to see many more of these pieces of art made by you ! good luck with the exhibition … looks like a success


Congratulations Bella!
What an amazing gift you have. Kind regards,

Phit & Mel Grindley

Each piece of artwork is an inspiration of heartfelt love. Amazing Bella!

Sandra Levy

Bella, your you are so gifted. I enjoyed your exhibition immensely.

Allison Lilley

Amazing exhibit. Such a talented lady Bella. Love all your Artworks.

Julia Fisk

Dearest Bella!
You are a true inspiration & have amazing talent! Thank you for inviting us.

Christina Maguire

Such a for beautiful artwork. Thankyou very much taking the time to explain the paintings.

Street Café collection

Persian Guest Room


Street Café collection

Paris, france

Street Café collection

Trattoria Sempione,

Venice, Italy


Street Café collection


Street Café collection


London, UK


Street Café collection

The Market Square 

Bruges, Belgium 

. 958Ac

Street Café collection

monte rosa café

zermatt, switzerland

est. 1839

Street Café collection

Street Café collection

Kanda Matsuya 

Tokyo, japan

est. 1884

Street Café collection

lviv chocolate café

KHArkiv, Ukraine 

Damaged . 2022Ac