Australian Artist

1980, Shiraz

My name is Bella and I am a Sydney-based multidisciplinary artist and designer.
Starting at art school in my early teenage time, I extended my education in art all the way to a postgraduate master of visual arts. My art explores time and place’s fluidity and boundless horizons and our relation with the urban and natural environment. My primary focus is on light, reflection and their relation in order to show the identity and soul of a place and its history.

I live in Sydney Australia and feel particularly lucky to be able to work from home, which gives me a great opportunity to focus on my art and manage my other life necessities.
I create photorealistic artworks using mainly, coloured pencils and gouache tools and I believe that my 20 years of experience in art and design and strong knowledge of light, colours and perspective are what guide me to deliver this level of creativity.
Since January 2018, I have been working on a series of famous cafes for my street cafe collection, aiming to show how these spaces can bring us together for a warm chat to sort problems through dialogue, compassion and care. The gratification I get from people’s reactions makes me work harder and more passionately.

Bella Gomrokchi