THE TEMPLE PAR| Dublin, Irland | est.1840

500mm x 700mm | gouache & colored pencil

Artwork Story

The Temple Bar boasts the largest collection of whiskey in Dublin as well as being a Great live Music Venue. Its┬ábeautiful bright red facade with two painted panels flanking the front door, one of Lady Martha Temple and the other of Sir William Temple. In 2012 the magnificent and colourful paintings had been replaced so I’ve been resrearching in substantial number of historical views in order to re create them the way they used to be.

October, 2022

“Time stays long enough for anyone who will use it.”
Leonardo da Vinc

The bronze inscription

The bronze inscriptions on the front facade are the results of many different views from various angles which enabled me to re create them the way they actually are.

“Knowledge of the past and of the places of the earth is the ornament and food of the mind of man.”
Leonardo da Vinc